[…] From a purely physical point of view, the book object is an artifact that contains words, numbers and other signs on printed paper to engage one or more readers in a linguistic-imaginative experience. But Trickster-p adds that a book is more than that. It is a symbol of the human tendency to “write the world”, that is, to use language to navigate the landscape, the history and the labyrinth of the mind. By leaving a mark on things, in fact, the speaker or writer names them and thus rules them. Here, then, we find that our books are a small reflection of a big Book: the one written with our every thought and every fiber of our imagination.

Mouvement (France)



The stories of the Earth have changed in nature and scale: we do not write stories to tell about the creation or the course of the world, but to avert its end.

Book is a Book is a Book

Ts'ui Pen must have said once: I am withdrawing to write a book. And another time: I am withdrawing to construct a labyrinth. Every one imagined two works; to no one did it occurred that the book and the maze were one and the same thing.


Choreography for the dying light


We met blind people. Some were born blind, others lost their sight over time. We asked them to tell us how they see


Room by room audio journey around the fairy tale Snow White


Installation in 9 rooms, one prologue and one epilogue