[…] With a gentle and ambivalent attitude, Trickster-p lets the game take its course and allows the spectators, the real protagonists of the experience, to learn by doing. Short-term decisions, individualistic and collective dynamics, discouragement over the opacity of rules or the weight of responsibility, reveal a minimalist yet unstoppable allegory.

Liminateatri.it (Italy)



The stories of the Earth have changed in nature and scale: we do not write stories to tell about the creation or the course of the world, but to avert its end.

Book is a Book is a Book

Ts'ui Pen must have said once: I am withdrawing to write a book. And another time: I am withdrawing to construct a labyrinth. Every one imagined two works; to no one did it occurred that the book and the maze were one and the same thing.


Choreography for the dying light


We met blind people. Some were born blind, others lost their sight over time. We asked them to tell us how they see


Room by room audio journey around the fairy tale Snow White


Installation in 9 rooms, one prologue and one epilogue

Mapping the invisible

Trickster-p — Projects — Mapping the invisible

«I walk ten steps and the horizon moves ten steps further. No matter how far I walk, I will never reach it. What is utopia for? It is precisely for this: to walk» (Eduardo Galeano)


Throughout history, the mapping of territories has often told of spaces to be conquered and colonised, tracing ends and beginnings, boundaries and limits. Maps as we know them tell of empty, silent spaces. Conceived by Trickster-p for Finisterre Festival Rümlingen 2023, Mapping the invisible plays on reversing this logic, in an attempt to highlight new possible dimensions and keys to interpreting the territory. What is a map? What can be mapped? What is the gap between a map and experiencing a place? Is it possible to generate maps starting from the perception of what is not visible, rather than from surveys, borders and limits of a territory? Mapping the invisible wants to be an invitation to travel through landscapes by opening up one's perceptive spaces in order to bring out things that are less visible and leave space for the unexpected. No longer a fixed design then, but a provisional condition in continuous transformation.


Concept and realisation

Cristina Galbiati & Ilija Luginbühl




Neue Musik Rümlingen